2 din 7inch Android Universal Car Dvd Player Car Auto Radio Player with FM


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fit for car

2 din 7inch Android Car Dvd Player Car Auto Radio 







1.Digital HD touch screen(800x480 pixels)
2. Resistive/capacitive touch screen available
3.Built-in GPS function(optional)
4.Compatible with DVD,VCD,CD MP4,DIVX,MP3 CDR,CD-RW ect.
5.Dual-zone, play music and video while navigating
6.USB :supported and use immediately
7.SD card function
8.Bulit-in AM, FM radio with 30 FM AM preset(RDS optional)
9.Support BT functions with A2DP, support BT music play function
10.Analog TV /Digital TV function (PAL/NTSC/SECAM)--Optional
12.Menu slid and wallpaper change
13.Steering wheel control function
14.4x50W power amplifier output
15.Support external power amplifier
16.Rear-view function control
17.5-band equalizer
18.Parking break control
19.Remote control
20.AV input and output
21.Multi-language function





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