TSAUTOP Certification 1.2x0.7x0.9m Hydro Dipping Equipment Water Transfer Printing Tank


TSAUTOP Certification 1.2x0.7x0.9m Hydro Dipping Equipment Water Transfer Printing Tank TSAUTOP® hydro dipping tank with CE certification is a simple, safe, useful, eco and efficient hydro dipping machine. It is...
TSAUTOP Certification 1.2x0.7x0.9m Hydro Dipping Equipment Water Transfer Printing Tank
TSAUTOP® hydro dipping tank with CE certification is a simple, safe, useful, eco and efficient hydro dipping machine. It is a key equipment for the whole hydro dipping process. It is very suitable for small dipping business owners.

TSAUTOP® hydro dipping tank has a superb welding process and a humanized structural design. All welded parts are welded with 304 stainless steel welding wire. All the welding marks are polished to ensure no leaks. So, it can guarantee no water leakage for 5 years. TSAUTOP® hydro dipping tank is equipped with 4pcs wiper and partition plate and one beam, can wipe the film slag and divide the dipping area into few small areas, ensure the film not to expand too much. TSAUTOP® hydro dipping tank is designed as two parts dipping tank, filter and heating tank. It ensures enough dipping area and fast heating.

TSAUTOP® hydro dipping tank is made of 2.5mm thick 201 stainless steel, framed of 2mm thick 304 stainless steel square pipe and equipped 6pcs universal wheels and thick feet, all of these ensure that the hydro dipping tank can hold enough water without deformation. Thick stainless steel can ensure to resist acid, alkali, salt and corrosion. All of these ensure TSAUTOP® hydro tank long life.

TSAUTOP® hydro dipping tank have good quality and high-power heating element.1.2m tank has 1set 6kw heating element,2-3m tank has 2sets 6kw heating elements. This can ensure fast-heating in 30minutes.There has 2 pcs thermostats on the control box and 2pcs temperature sensors, the temperature of dipping tank and heating tank can be set and monitored real-time. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating element will stop to heat water, this will save your power. In the normal, the temperature will set 25-35℃.Certainly, you can turn on all or one or nothing according your local temperature.

TSAUTOP® hydro dipping tank is equipped low-noise, strong-flow and long-life stainless-steel water pump, ensure flush the film slag. 375W pump for 1.2m tank,750w for 2-3m tank, We can make the tanks with various voltages as your requirements, such as single phase 110v,220v,3phases 220v,380v or the other special votages. There have some high-pressure spray nozzles at the end of water outer ensure the water flushed farther.

The electric box and wires of TSAUTOP® hydro dipping tank is equipped safely. All working units are equipped of circuit breaker protection switches and emergency stop switch, ensure the safety of human and machines in the emergency. All wires are concealed and packed of protective pipe to prevent electricity leakage. All tanks have equipped earth wire to avoid electric shock.

TSAUTOP® hydro dipping tank is easy to install and operate. The electrical wire connecting is simple. Each wire sticks a number, you connect the wire as the number. We supply detail manual book. We have different dimensions hydrographic tank, you can choose the suitable one according to your working items.
Product Description
Product Name
TSAUTOP Certification 1.2x0.7x0.9m Hydro Dipping Equipment Water Transfer Printing Tank
L: 120CM X W: 70CM X H: 85CM
Stainless Steel
Dipping Area dimensions
L: 80CM X W: 60CM X H: 70CM
CE Certification
Heating Elements
1Set, 208-240V, Single Phase, 50 HZ, 6000W
Water Recirculation System
Stainless Pump, 208-240V, Single Phase, 50 HZ, 750W
Control Box
1. Master Power On/Off Switch
2. Pump On/Off Switch
3. Heating Element1# &1# Switch
4. Digital Thermostat X 1 PCS
5. All the red and green lights needed for the switches
6. E-stop
Net WT
80 KG
Water Capacity
0.7 Ton
L: 130CM X W: 80CM X H: 110CM
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Q1:How expensive is hydro dipping? A1:Most hydrographics shops charge around $75 to $80 per wheel, depending on labor costs and customizations. If hydrodipping is part of a wheel painting package, the cost may be higher. Q2:What equipment is needed for hydro dipping? A2:A hydro dip kit is perfect for beginners. The kit includes a hydrographic activator, speed shapes for testing, samples films for testing, and a spray gun system to be used for your top coat or base paint if needed. Q3:Can I Hydro dip at home? A3:While there are many companies specializing in hydro dip art for large items (e.g. cars and sports equipment), it's possible to do the process on your own and be creative. Purchase a home hydro dip kit online to apply a design of your choice, with minimal equipment or experience.

Q4:Is Hydro dipping permanent? A4:Hydrographics, otherwise known as Hydro dipping, is paint based printing process. Once your item is painted and hydro dipped, they are protected with an automotive grade clear coat, whilst this is a permanent change, if you ever did change your mind, you could simply paint over it. Q5:Is Hydro dipping easy? A5:When you have a complete hydro dipping kit, the process is easy and fun. You can use the patterns that come with the kit or have a custom pattern applied to the film. You fill a container with water and lay the film on the surface Q6:Can you Hydro dip guns? A6:Because the pattern is printed on water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol film, it can dissolve when sprayed with a chemical agent. Q7:Is Hydrographics a profitable business? A7:According to industry estimates, the hydro dipping industry is estimated to be a $1 billion industry with a large chunk of the revenue coming from large scale hydrographic companies, and the smaller percentage coming from individual and small local companies. Q8:Can you Hydro dip shoes? A8:Hydro dipping is cool way to customize a pair of vans or other shoes Q9:What shoes are best for Hydro dipping? A9:Popular shoes to hydro dip include Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force 1, and Nike Air Jordans. You can also dip Converse All Stars, classic Vans Slip-Ons, and even Nike Slides. If you have a new pair of shoes you want to customize, or an old pair you want to give new life to, go it! Q10:What is Hydro dipping activator? A10:The activator is a chemical that liquefies the ink on the hydro dip film. After you have primed the object and painted it, the item is ready for the film. ... The film is carefully placed on the water surface of a dipping tank. Once the film is hydrated, you add the activator.

Chapter 1: Pretreatment on Products Before Hydro Dip Chapter 2: What kind of paint is used in hydro dipping? Chapter 3: Which material must be sprayed base coating? Chapter 4: How to prepare to hydro dip? Chapter 5: How to distinguish the right side of hydrographics film touching the water? Chapter 6: How to lay the hydro dipping film on the water? Chapter 7: When to start to spay the activator? Chapter 8: How much activator spraying to the dip film? Chapter 9: How does hydro dipping work? Chapter 10: How long to change the water in the hydro dipping tank? Chapter 11: How to wash after hydro printing? Chapter 12: How to deal with the defected product by trimming? Chapter 13: How to reworked defective products? Chapter 14: How to dry the dipped products after dipping and top coating? Chapter 15: The dip painting method for top coating: Chapter 16: The instructions on finish coat application Chapter 17: How to properly use and maintain the spray gun? Chapter 18: How to do Quality Control and Packing after finishing the paint dipping process? Chapter 19: The reason and solutions for defects in the transfer printing process
Dust or wipe clean with a cloth dampened with water once a week. Be sure not to leave water spots on the surface. These water spots will dry and could possibly leave permanent marks. Clean stains/spots using the following steps: Dampen a soft cloth with a mixture of hot water and liquid dishwashing detergent. Wring the cloth as much as possible to remove excess liquid. Rub the surface lightly in a circular motion. Dry the surface immediately with a clean, soft towel.